The concept of a business center is not new. The concept of a business
center in West Michigan, however, is. AMG Business Center is a
class A office building in the Muskegon County Airport Business Park
which features:

Office rental space starting at just 150 sq. ft. -  Most developers
have opportunities available to you only if you agree to
lease or purchase square footage in the hundreds or even
thousands of square feet. AMG is the perfect “step-up” from
an office in your home, an ideal satellite office to complement
another location, or a stunning home base from which to work,
sell, meet, or conduct your business. Because common costs of
business, personnel, and space are shared among a multitude of
tenants, you save money and have opportunities you could not
previously justify or imagine.

Shared Resources - If you could afford to have a professional
receptionist answer your phones, greet your clients, and provide
you with your messages, would you take advantage of it?
How about a conference room, a breakroom, meeting rooms,
beautiful restrooms, high speed internet access, access to fax and
copier services along with a color laser printer? These are all services
available to you at AMG Business Center.

Sophisticated Conference Room - Very few small businesses can
allocate significant resources toward developing a professional, attractive,
technologically sophisticated multi-media conference room that they
may only use on occasion. Moreover, if you choose to in your present
location, you are probably paying for that square footage year-round on
an equal basis with the space you use for your office. Wouldn’t it make
more sense to only pay when you use it? That’s the case at
AMG Business Center. This beautiful room is available for you on a
scheduled basis when you need it, and you only pay when you use it.  
When you need to awe a customer or associate, it’s at your disposal.  
Conference room is fully furnished and includes plasma screen,
telephone conferencing, waterwall, and audio surround sound.

Break Room -  At your present location, if you designate
space for a break room, you are paying for it each day of each week
of each year.  At AMG, an attractive break room awaits you with
multiple modern conveniences. It is large enough to accommodate
a substantial number of people at one time and pleasant enough
that your associates will want to take advantage of it.

Meeting Rooms - In addition to AMG's conference room, smaller
meeting rooms are available for up to six persons. These rooms
are furnished with desks, ergonomic seating, high speed internet
hook-ups, dry-erase boards, phones, and indirect variable lighting.

800 Ellis Road
Norton Shores, MI 49441